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"Tara Simon is THE BEST vocal coach I have ever had! Through all of my professional work on cruise lines and regional theatres I have never had a vocal coach that can communicate and explain technique in a way that is clear, simple, and effective! Not only is she incredibly kind and professional she WITHOUT A DOUBT knows her stuff! I to any singer serious about taking their voice and career to the next level!would recommend Tara Simon "

Phylicia Freeman

"My daughter (age 9) has been taking vocal and piano lessons for four years with another local company. We decided, after less than stellar progress, a drop in enthusiasm and all around lack of coaching, to make a switch to Tara Simon Studios. The growth in our daughter after three months with Tara is significant. Not only has she grown performance wise, but her enthusiasm is back and her confidence has doubled. Most importantly, she is having FUN doing what she loves with an instructor who knows exactly how to get the best out of her. We are completely thrilled! "

Jennifer Healey

"I don't think that Tara will ever understand how much she has changed my life and the confidence she has given me. She believes in me so much and she's helping my career so much. So thankful for Tara Simon Studios. Her coaching has completely helped me stand out in auditions and its very obvious when you have been trained and when you have not been. She is my big sis, my pageant coach, my mom on set, my acting coach, and most of all MY VOCAL COACH!"

Loren L.

"My daughter has been a student at TSS for 18 months now. We have nothing but positive things to say about Tara and the studio. We have watched her grow substantially during her time there. Every four months she is given the opportunity to perform in a showcase in a safe nurturing environment. Her confidence level has also gone through the roof! It’s no question the pure love and passion that Tara has for her students. She has a way of connecting with each student and recognizing each of their unique skills and talents! "

Leigh Patton


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